Strategize Your Year  

Your Business Blueprint for 2020 in 2 hours

  • Do you wish you had a business mentor to strategize or brainstorm your business with?
  • Would you like some help planning out your next 12 months? 
  • Do you have business dreams of your own that you just don't have time to achieve?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do this year? 

 Collaborate with an experienced business coach on a one-off 2 hour strategy call and create a solid action plan to steer you through 2020  

Price £400

At the end of this strategy session you will:- 

  • have your year planned out in 2 hours, reducing the overwhelm and giving you a clear path to follow. 
  • feel inspired, motivated and enthused by the goals you choose for yourself this year. 
  • have a clear view of how to reach your own business goals, plus factoring in time to work ON your business growth 
  • receive take away tools to get your business accelerating and you thriving. 

What's included?:- 

  • An initial questionnaire will be sent to you before the session starts so I can get to know more about you and your business. 
  • As we talk over the 2 hours, I will be taking notes, so you can spend your time talking about your business. The session will be recorded so you can refer back to it, when you need to. 
  • At the end of the session you will receive my handwritten notes (as a mindmap) planning out your vision for the next 12 months. Upgrade for a 'done for you' 90 day planner or year planner, filled out with all your daily tasks done.
  • A free copy of my digital 2020 year planner download is included so you can plot your goals for the year ahead. 
  • A free copy of my digital 90 day planner download plus a video tutorial on how to use the highly effective 90 day planning method, is also included. 
  • A 30 minute call 1 week later to find out how it's going, and to see if you have any further questions.

There are so many benefits to planning out your business with someone else. More focus, motivation and enthusiasm, as well as new ideas and ways to do things. 

And if you upgrade to the 'done for you' package, you know what you are doing each day and why. Just follow the plan. 


About Elisabeth

Elisabeth Hancock is a business consultant and coach, with over two decades of business experience, a degree in business and a masters in people development, plus a previous lecturer of business management, marketing, people development and financial planning; where she also regularly created short courses in business. Having set up and run two of her own companies she now helps entrepreneurs to grow and scale theirs, using a combination of mentoring, strategy, mindset and consulting.  

An innate planner and organizer she works with business owners to help them increase their skill set, confidence and knowledge, whilst empowering them to grow the business they want to build and make their mark on the world.  

Elisabeth helps you to find the right path for you, motivates you to stay on it and pushes you to achieve more than you knew you were capable of, all whilst strategically building your business faster, more confidentally and with more purpose.  

Elisabeth is also a member of the CIPD and the EMCC, and therefore abides by their strict codes of conduct and is proud to practise ethical business.