Energy Mastery Hub

  • Course 1 - Energy Mastery
  • Course 2 - Creation
  • Course 3 - Money is Energy
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An online learning centre, all about Energy and what it's trying to tell you.


Empowering people to tap into, harness & connect to energy: Theirs, others and the Cosmos.

Learn how to raise your vibration permanently for a thriving and successful life.

- FB group, workbooks, study guides, healings, rituals, meditations and more -



  • Learn how to determine what's your energy (emotions, feelings and thoughts) and what's not.
  • Seal your auric field, and set energetic boundaries, so that you can step into your own power, and not be limited by others.
  • Discover who you really are and start tapping into your unique frequency.
  • How to make more use of your emotions and not be pulled sideways by them.
  • Learn how connecting to your energy can improve your life forever


  • How to consciously create whatever you want, plus the tools to do it.
  • Connect to your true Life Vision and step into the life you want.
  • How to harness and tap into your energy for a more abundant life.
  • Learn why your manifesting is not working.
  • Receive energy healings to heal resistance, saboteurs and blocks.
  • Learn daily rituals & habits that will change your life and bring you more success.


  • Discover the 7 worldwide limiting beliefs around money and learn how to blitz yours.
  • Understand how to channel money and start creating more of it.
  • Discover how you are sabotaging yourself from getting more of it, whilst freeing yourself from it.
  • Learn financial tracking, past lives, money intentions and lots more, as we get you back to your natural abundant state.
  • Activate your money channels and heal any resistance - yours and others - so you can receive more.

I believe what makes Elisabeth different is her ability to see the bigger picture and identify your strengths and unique talents fast. She helped me to see where my true passions and purpose lie and how that fits with the overall vision of my life. Now I am fully aligned everything feels easier and I have far more drive.

She really pushes you to become the best version of yourself. I love her work and since working with her I believe she has directed me onto my true path which has made me feel more fulfilled and integrated.

— Toni, Relationship Coach

Meet elisabeth.

The founder of Podcast - Energetic Business & Life - and soon to be Author, Elisabeth is an Intuitive Coach, Educator and Energy Worker helping people to transform their lives by working with their energy.

My focus is on getting you back to a life and business, where you are truly thriving, and experiencing everything that you came here to do.

Managing, harnessing, tapping into and connecting with your energy will allow you to do just that.