• When you discover, and lean into, your personal selling style, you can confidently and easily make more sales - you may even enjoy it?! 
  • When you uncover and eliminate your limiting beliefs around money, you can confidently and easily reach a new, higher, exciting income level.
  • When you set powerful PR and marketing intentions AND get the right support to reach those goals, you can quickly make a bigger impact by helping more people.

"Since working with Elisabeth my sales have increased by 90%, I have doubled the amount of revenue streams I had before, and I get more done in my working week" 

Kate, retailer

At the end of this course, you will have a new business model that:- 

  • energizes you and gets you leaping out of bed in the morning raring to go.
  • a brand story that connects you, your purpose and your expertise to your ideal client enabling you to feel more confident about your business and engage more easily with your target audience. 
  • positions you correctly in the marketplace for accelerated business growth, aligning your copy writing and design, so you reach your ideal client faster. 
  • enables you to authentically sell and market yourself with confidence and increased success. 
  • gets your vision, plans and sales and marketing goals laid out for the next 12 months, enabling you to get there faster, with a bonus group session to push you into action quicker. 

As an experienced business coach with over two decades of experience I have put together this course based on working with small business owners for the past 8 years and noticing that some areas come up more than others. 

Cashflow, sales and marketing are crucial, but so is having a business that you love allowing you to live the life you want and stop working 24/7 on it. 

What do you want to do next? Where do you want to go next? I not only help you find out, but I help you to get there too. 


"Elisabeth helped me to triple my income by identifying my true target market and then putting a new sales strategy together to reach them" 

Sarah, graphic designer


About Elisabeth

Elisabeth Hancock is a business consultant and coach, with over two decades of business experience, a degree in business and a masters in people development, plus a previous lecturer of business management, marketing, people development and financial planning (where she also regularly created short courses in business). Having set up and run two of her own companies she now helps entrepreneurs to grow and scale theirs, using a combination of mentoring, strategy, mindset and consulting.  

An innate planner and organizer she works with business owners to help them increase their skill set, confidence and knowledge, whilst empowering them to grow the business they want to build and make their mark on the world.  

Elisabeth helps you to find the right path for you, motivates you to stay on it and pushes you to achieve more than you knew you were capable of, all whilst strategically building your business faster, more confidentally and with more purpose.  

Elisabeth is also a member of the CIPD and the EMCC, and therefore abides by their strict codes of conduct and is proud to practise ethical business. 

If you prefer to talk through the group coaching program, then book a free, no obligation call with me below. 

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