90 Day Planner 

If you want to achieve those goals you have set for yourself and your business - you need to PLAN for success. This means breaking down the goals into bite-size, manageable chunks.

 90 days is a long enough period of time to achieve something significant but not so long that it feels overwhelming. You will find it easier to be motivated to keep going as the finish line is always in sight.


  • The 90 day planning method allows you to achieve 3 big things every 12 weeks, whereby you plot back the steps needed to get you to your goal. Studies show we get more done when we work like this. 
  • It allows you to be completely focused on revenue growing activities, and work in a more strategic way - so you look at the end goal and work backwards. The end goal is always a revenue generating activity. 
  • It provides more flexibility as every 3 months you can reassess, see what worked and what didn't, and tweak for the next 3 months. 
  • It reduces overwhelm, because you are only working on 3 big goals every few months and will plot every step you take onto your planner, so you know what you are doing each day. 
  • It frees up more time, becase you just do what's on your planner and that's it, you are done, and free to get on with working 'in' your business or spend more time with your family.  

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